System for laser medicine


  • photodynamic therapy of cancer and inflammatory diseases;
  • coagulation of pathological tissues and blood vessels;
  • laser scalpel for local excision and biopsy;
  • treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions in dermatology and cosmetology.

Leading oncology centers of Russia clinically approves “Metalas-M” medical systems:

  • The P.A. Herzen Moscow Research Institute For Oncology.
  • Medical radiology scientific center of Medical sciences, Obninsk city.
  • The I.M.Sechenov Moscow Medicine Academy (Kashyrskoe str., 24).

Green specter diapason

Dermatology and Cosmetology

Green light will be wonderful absorbed in pigment but hardly in oxyhemoglobin, that allows to provide selective treatment of the skin without damaging the surrounding, healthy tissues. Treatment of the benign lesions : lentigo, “coffee stains”, nevus, freckles, tattoos and pigmented lesions.

Green + Yellow specter diapason


Summary radiation of green and yellow light is used in surgery as a versatile laser scalpel with minimal thermal damage of the surrounding, healthy tissues. Laser scalpel treats bloodless and prevents diffusion of the tumor cells. Treatment: destruction of the small skin tumours and visible muscous membranes; uvulapalatoplasty, papillomatosis and other.


Summary green and yellow radiation is used for treatment of the neck of the womb pathology : ectopia.

Dermatology and Cosmetology

Summary green and yellow radiations is used for treatment of solar and seborrhoeic keratoses, apitheliomas, adenoma sebaceum, syringiomas and other pigmented lesions.

Yellow specter diapason

Dermatology and Cosmetology

Yellow wavelength radiation is ideal for treatment of the vascular lesions: telangiectasia, hemangiomas, cherry angiomas, dermal nevus and other. Positive result of treatment is based on selective absorption of the yellow radiation in oxyhemoglobin, for effective vessels coagulation and resorption.

Red specter diapason


Photodynamic therapy of cancer (PDT). PDT method is based on selective destruction of the tumour cells. Pathological tissues contains photosensitive preparation – sensitizer. ( Photogem, Photosense, Photofrin, Photosan and other) injected before. Treatment: cancer of scin, lip, tongue, ear, oral cavity, mammary gland, lungs, oesophagus (gullet), stomach, straight and large intestine (gut), urinary bladder, genitals, primary melanoma, intradermic cancer metastasis.

Photodynamic therapy of non-oncology diseases

PDT method is effective for treatment of atherosclerosis of big blood vessels, psoriasis, tuberculosis, rheumarthritis, dysfunctional uterine bleedings, ophthalmology deceases and other.

Model CVL-1OM CVL-10D AVL-1.5M
Laser type Pulsed Copper Vapor Laser Copper Vapor Laser + Dye Pulsed Gold Vapor Laser
Wavelengths, nm 510.6 578.2 510.6 + 578.2 510.6 578.2 510.6 + 578.2 630 — 670 627.8
Radiation power, W 6 4 10 6 4 10 2 1.5
Repetition rate 16000 Hz
Pulse duration 20 ns
Laser treatment time Min 0.1 sec
Treatment period Min 0.1 sec
Treatment cycles 1 — Inf
Fiber type SMA 905
Laser cooling Air
Consumption power 3 kW
Network 220V, 50-60 Hz. single phase
Dimensions 1140x450x750 mm
Weight 70 kg


Laser system for medicine

Distinctive feature – mobility, compactness

Spectral modes:
Yellow — 578,2 nm 1,5 W
Green — 510,6 nm 2,5 w
Summary specter — 578,2 nm +510,6 nm 4 W
Pulse duration 0.1 sec
Size of focus spot 0.1 mm
Repetition rate 16 kHz
Pulse duration 15 ns
Time to work mode 25 min
Cooling air
Power 2 kW
Size 490x360x210 sm
Weight 20 kg