Advertising Information show system METALAS-R

Assembly of this series is a unique system for show and advertisement. By combining their energy characteristics, they can form a dynamic information high brightness and size.

“METALAS-R” system is designed for forming of dynamic (graphics and text) information on at various scattering surfaces:

  • building walls,
  • clouds,
  • reliefs (hills, slopes, woodlands, water, snow),
  • smoke and fumes,
  • atmospheric in homogeneities (fog),
  • smoke from the fireworks

Functional features of the system allows:

  • Form a bright image without the cost of infrastructure,
  • Broadcast standard computer signals
  • Creating distinct dynamic image size in hundreds of square meters in the right place at the distance of the translator of several kilometers,
  • Provide advertising coverage and operational characteristics (mobility, air cooling, low power consumption) are not available expensive screens

Video presentation №1 (Plaza)

Video presentation №2 (Pepsi)

Technical parameters of METALAS-R system
Wavelengths (nm)510,6 ; 578,2
Power (W)10
Beam diameter (mm)14
Pulse frequency (kHz)16
Divergency (mrad)0,5
Pulse duration (ns)20
Warm-up time (min)40
Power supply (kW)3
Dimensions (mm)1100x570x270
Weight (kg)60
Scan angle (deg)±20
Scan frequency (kHz)for 5mm beam25
For 14mm beam15


Order the show should be sent to e-mail: Вyour program or script of your party is what you would like to see on laser show. Also sent us your contact information. We’ll prepare and sent you demo video of your show or advertisement. We hold event on the script on the spot of. Please order your show in advance.

Laser video projection system METALAS-V

Laser TV picture is formed at a distance of 7 to 500 m from the system on any surface: walls of buildings, slopes , forests, water, dense low clouds, cinema screens, nets and other scattering or translucent screens.

Parameters of system

  • Dimensions: 1200x400x550 mm;
  • Weight: 60 kg;
  • Power supply: 220VAC, 3kW, one phase;
  • Cooling: not required;
  • Image size: depends on distance and type of screen from 3x4m to 20x30m;
  • Image distance: 7-500m.

Video system rent

Rent produced by reservation a week before the event by phone 8(495) 783 97 65 or e-mail: . When ordering a need to agree the location of the projector, the distance to the intended screen - it could be any surface (walls of buildings, scattering or special screens) size of image, type of video media.

Video presentation №1

Video presentation №2

The Olympic Games of Sochi

Theatre "Barvikha"
Sberbank on a wall
Sberbank on wood
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