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Lasers and components

Production of green and yellow copper vapor laser with capacity 3, 10 and 20W and red gold and dye with capacity up to 3W. All types of lasers with pulse duration 20ns and pulse repetition frequency 16kHz are equipped with own active elements – reliable and long running tubes.

A unique combination of energy, spatial and time parameters of these lasers can be used in many fields of science, medicine and technology.

Technological systems

This systems are used for cutting, dicing, drilling, marking. They are used in mechanical engineering, microelectronics for fitting parameters of electronic components, to correct defects in semiconductor structures, for products micro marking including precious stones and also for creation images in glass.

Multipurpose automated laser complex MALK than manufacturing operations has been successfully used for science and education.

Mass media systems

Laser “mass media” equipment are used for advertising and informational purposes and also for conducting mass street events. Scanning system “Matalas-R” is able to form a contour image at remote objects such as building walls, reliefs and also on clouds . They are widely used on large-scale laser shows. The other system is unique laser video projector – “Metalas -V”. Its generates in excess of bright moving images surpassing parameters of video screens.

The “Metalas-R” system and “Metalas-V” system were used on Olympics in Beijing in 2008.

Medicine system

A distinctive feature of laser systems “Metalas-M” is presence of several spectral diapasons in the same system : green, yellow and red color.

Systems are used in the next areas :

  • treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions in dermatology and cosmetology;
  • photodynamic therapy of cancer and inflammatory diseases;
  • coagulation of pathological tissues and blood vessels;
  • laser scalpel for local excision and biopsy.