About us

SPG "Quantron" is one of the leading companies in the world to develop and create copper vapor laser and laser systems.

The team of the company based on laser branch of the Research Institute of Precision Engineering and manufacturing of optical of “Elion” plant (Zelenograd city). We have vast experience in the manufacture of laser equipment.

SPG “Quantron” has own manufacture base of laser active elements (tubes),optical and mechanical equipment. This allows us to continually improve the quality and modification of the models. The company developed and produced a number of gold, copper vapor and dye laser modifications and also a range of equipment based on them.

All kind of equipment we produce have significant advantages compared with counterparts. Our laser processing equipment along with traditional marking allows micro marking of precious stones. The size of the inscription is from a few to hundreds of micrometers.

  • Laser system for creation images and photos inside transparent materials lets to create the unique glassware with unreachable quality and performance for counterparts.
  • ;Medicine system is operating in four spectral bands. It lets to use it for photo-dynamic therapy including oncology and coagulation of pathological tissues.
  • The “MALK” system (multipurpose laser complex) is used for scientific research in materials science, microelectronics, nana-materials, biology and etc.
  • The laser system “Metalas-R” is unique one for laser show and advertisement. By combining their energy performance they can form a dynamic information high brightness and size on building’s walls, on the terrain, clouds and plumes.

The company plans a number of new development technologies and equipment including super powerful video projector for mass media and advertisement, multipurpose processing laser center and other perspective projects.

We look forward to cooperate with all interested in companies and private persons.